Let’s be frank, and not fear words:

  • cultured people/intellectuals, are normally classed as “boring” or, at best, “utopian”;
  • sports people, devoted to the development of excellence in physical performance, supposedly do not make much use of reason or thought processes.

The power of the media and the world’s leaders have long since categorized culture and sport – they are pure divertimento!

The media succeeds in efforts to devote each of these two worlds a specific area, a “ghetto” for a privileged few.

The world’s leaders, in their own way, do the same thing, with the exception of electoral campaigns, where the brilliance of sports heroes and those of art and literature should shine over their own images, which compels them to be seen frequenting these heroes!!

Should we go back, therefore, to the Ancient Greeks? The only ones in Western culture to understand that in man’s flight towards perfection, his best scores were thanks to the efforts of thinkers, artists and Olympic athletes?

Can the current modern market of the “polis” really ignore the “humus” of culture and sport?

Be on your guard, for the divertimento of sport and culture will become the water and oil of the future. The “content” industries will, tomorrow, be those which will overturn the earth and move the world and humanity forward. To ensure your own survival, it would be best to forget about the reactions of the market, and follow instead the feelings of the creative artists, athletes, scientists and philosophers!

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