The College Athlete’s Guide to Academic Success: Tips from Peers and Profs assists the student-athlete in making a successful academic transition from high school to college. Bob Nathanson and Arthur Kimmel, present a guide that focuses on essential issues for high school seniors and in-coming college freshmen who are trying to be successful in the classroom. The authors’ work is attributed to their direct observations during a combined 56 years of teaching intercollegiate athletes, as well as from input they received from 35 highly-successful, recently-graduated student-athletes from 16 colleges around the country.

The College Athlete’s Guide to Academic Success: Tips from Peers and Profs focuses on the actual transition from high school and athletics to college and athletics by identifying useful resources to make the transition easier, developing strategies to manage time and to schedule classes more wisely, and providing strategies by which to select a college major appropriate for a career. The guide includes direction on maintaining positive relationships with students and faculty, keys to living a healthy lifestyle, and tips for making a smooth transition to life after college and athletics. Each chapter offers helpful hints from peers and professors, provides quotes from recently-graduated student-athletes, and lists questions regarding the many challenges of college.

This is a concise and easy-to-read manual for any college-bound, student-athlete who needs a quick primer on successfully shuffling athletics with academics. However, it is just a guide; it is therefore limited in scope and lacks depth. This is something the reader should be mindful of, considering the expansiveness of the subject matter.

Authors: Bob Nathanson and Arthur Kimmel; Foreword by Myles Brandt, NCCA President.
Published in 2008 by Pearson Education, Inc.
(ISBN: 0-13-237947-3).

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