In a day and age when we are inundated with clichés and superficial
analyses about sports, Learning Culture through Sports: Exploring
the Role of Sports in Society
is a refreshing, thought-provoking
departure from the sociobabble presented by mainstream sports media. The
authors critically evaluate the role of sport in society. They present
a critical view of how several socio-cultural issues are represented in
and through sports.

The text is strategically divided into six sections. Each section offers
a broad framework from which socio-cultural topics and their relation
to sports are addressed. While the book pursues traditional topics of
analysis within sport sociology (e.g., sport and race, sport and gender),
the focus of discussion within these frequently discussed sport sociology
themes is centered on hardly explored yet current and pertinent issues
within sport. For instance, author Kyle Kusz critically reflects on the
relation between the media images of white men in and out of sport by
examining two popular motion picture movies, Jackass and 8

This is an uncomplicated read. It is suitable for the general public as well as sport studies scholars. It could serve as supplementary reading for a course in sport sociology. It offers multiple perspectives presented by over thirty contributors on various issues related to sports and society. All authors are accomplished sport academicians and/or practitioners. Their critical insight into the issues facing sport and society deepens our understanding of various socio-cultural issues represented in and through sports.

Learning Culture through Sports: Exploring the Role of Sports in Society
Edited by Sandra Prettyman and Brian Lampman.
Published in 2006 by Rowman & Littlefield Education, Lanham, MD 20706
(207 pages, ISBN 1-57886-380-5).

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