The third edition of the Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement
presents readers with a comprehensive reference guide covering the modern
Olympic movement, including chronologies, dictionary entries, appendixes,
and references.

The chronological timeline outlines key events related to the Olympic
movement starting with the Ancient Olympic Games and continuing through
the 21st Winter Olympics of 2010. There is also a second chronology which
provides valuable information on the Summer Olympiads and Winter Olympic
Games. The brief descriptions of each event include specifics about the
site selection, the number of participants, notable individual performances,
and other prominent happenings.

The book contains a dictionary that has hundreds of entries on the sporting
events, governing organizations, officials, participating countries, memorable
events, and many of the most decorated athletes of the Olympic Games.
Each entry provides background information on the subject and details
the related Olympic significance.

The appendixes and reference section are also full of pertinent information.
They provide tables and lists, including such items as former IOC members,
presidents, and Olympic Order and Cup recipients. The reference section
lists several scholarly works covering the Ancient and Modern Olympic

The authors were founding members of the International Society of Olympic
Historians (ISOH). Bill Mallon and Ian Buchanan each served terms as president
of the ISOH and both have been recognized for their contributions to the
Olympic movement by being awarded with the Olympic Order in Silver. The
Olympic Order is the supreme individual honor accorded by the International
Olympic Committee.

The Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement is a useful,
quick reference guide to the Modern Olympic Games. The dictionary provides
historical information that can meet the educational needs of a student
while also providing the historian or sport enthusiast with a relatively
easy read. The chronologies, dictionary, and appendixes are all formatted
to make accessing information quick and trouble-free.

Historical Dictionary of the Olympic Movement (3rd Edition)
By: Bill Mallon and Ian Buchanan
Scarecrow Press, Inc.
ISBN: 0-8108-5574-7

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