How To Raise a Successful Athlete is a great text for the ‘layman’
interested in expanding his or her knowledge of basic sport-related topics.
It is easy to comprehend the information regarding nutrition, physiology,
biomechanics, strength training, sport psychology, as well as coaching
and medical topics. The book describes the common occurrences of injury,
appropriate treatments and home care information so the parent or guardian
recognizes the importance of proper therapeutic remedies.

The chapters are well organized and clearly labeled for quick reference
and the information is presented in a straightforward and understandable
manner. Each chapter highlights helpful tips or bulleted information.
Specific issues are highlighted that should be of concern to the parent
or guardian.

Recommendation: This book is a good foundational reference for those
with no experience or background in exercise physiology, sport nutrition,
and/or sport-related topics. It is an introductory source for parents
or guardians seeking a better understanding of the topics and issues athletes
face in sport participation.

How to Raise A Successful Athlete: What you need to know to raise a successful athlete
By: Thomas Craig Angle
Trafford Publishing
ISBN: 1-41206372-8

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