### International Olympic Academy: 10th Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of National Olympic Academies and Officials of National Olympic Committees

#### Table of Contents

1. [President’s Forward – Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich](#forward)
2. [Introduction to the International Olympic Academy – Anne Kent Rush, Editor](/article/introduction-international-olympic-academy)
3. [National Olympic Academies – National Olympic Committees Parallel Paths, Intertwined Paths – Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos](/article/national-olympic-academies-national-olympic-committees-parallel-paths-intertwined-paths)
4. [The National Olympic Committee: Its Role and Position at the Dawn of the 21st Century – Mr. Giannis Papadogiannakis](/article/national-olympic-committee-its-role-and-position-dawn-21st-century)
5. [The Place and Role of Olympism in Higher Education – Prof. Dr. Antonin Rychtecky](/article/place-and-role-olympism-higher-education)
6. [The Institutional Framework for the Development of Olympic Education and the Role of the National Olympic Academy – Mr. Alexandre Mestre](/article/institutional-framework-development-olympic-education-and-role-national-olympic-academy)
7. [How to Spread and Develop Joint International Programs about Olympic Education: Cultural and Communication Problems – Mr. Henry Tandau](/article/how-spread-and-develop-joint-international-programs-about-olympic-education-cultural-and-com)
8. [The Position of the Athlete in the Social Structure of Ancient Greece – Prof. Mark Golden](/article/position-athlete-social-structure-ancient-greece)
9. [The Use of Sport Art for the Development of Olympic Education: Passing the Visual Torch – Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich](/article/use-sport-art-development-olympic-education-passing-visual-torch)
10. [Closing Address and Olympic Anthem – Mr. Isidoros Kouvelos](http://thesportjournal.org/article/closing-address)
11. [IOA Master’s Degree Program Specifications](/article/international-olympic-academy-masters-degree-program-specifications)
12. [Olympic Values Education Programme (OVEP) Progress Report: 2005-2010](/article/olympic-values-education-programme-ovep-progress-report-2005-2010)

#### President’s Forward

This special issue of the Academy’s _Sport Journal_ is dedicated to the International Olympic Academy (IOA) and its worldwide programs.

This past May, I delivered a presentation in Greece at the International Olympic Academy for the 10th Joint International Session for Presidents or Directors of National Olympic Academies and Officials of National Olympic Committees. My presentation topic was the use of Olympic posters as a reflection of the role of sport art in Olympic culture. Dignitaries from around the world gave presentations on the issues vital to education in Olympism. Special emphasis was placed on challenges in collaboration among the National Olympic Academies, the National Olympic Committees, and the IOA.

Located in historic Olympia, south of Athens on the Peloponnese Peninsula, the IOA functions as an international Academic Centre for Olympic Studies and is an exceptional new resource for students around the globe. Operated jointly by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the Greek government, the IOA offers a wide variety of research studies and educational programs aimed at spreading the vision of Olympism.

As President, founder and CEO of the United States Sports Academy, and as a member of the International Olympic Committee’s Commission on Culture and Education, I share the IOA’s vision of Olympism. During my visit, I met with Isidros Kouvelos, President of the IOA; with Professor Konstantino Georgiadis, IOA Honorary Dean; and with Professor Dionyssis Gangas, IOA Director. We discussed the IOA, its projects, and the impressive, new master’s degree program: Olympic Studies, Olympic Education, and Organization and Management of Olympic Events.

Students at the IOA use _The Sport Journal_ as reference material for their work more than any other journal. With more than 500,000 unique visitors per year, _The Sport Journal_ is the most read journal in the world.

Since these pieces, the bases of live presentations by experts from a variety of academic disciplines, are hereby introduced to a wide, general audience, _The Sport Journal_ has relaxed its standard rule requiring entries to adhere to American Psychological Association style. This _Olympic Edition_ offers the presentations given by Olympic scholars at the May 2010 session in Greece.

Dr. Thomas P. Rosandich
President and CEO
United States Sports Academy

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