The sports industry is a multifaceted, multibillion dollar industry. It encompasses a wide range of business segments, from sporting goods to stadium and arena construction. The 2006 Sports Market Place Directory brings a multiplicity of sports industry sectors together into the most comprehensive index of sport business resources available. Divided into ten sections, it contains thousands of listings on single, multi, and college sports, sporting events, meetings and trade shows, the sports related media, sports sponsors, professional sports services, sports facilities, and sports manufactures and retailers.

In addition, the 2006 Sports Market Place Directory contains a chapter with valuable statistical data on sports participation, sports consumer purchases, and attendance to collegiate sporting events. The sections are separately indexed for ease of use. The 2006 Sports Market Place Directory is a valuable resource for the sports business professional, and should be considered indispensable in academic and public libraries.

Book Review: 2006 Sports Market Place Directory
Edited by Richard Gottlieb.
Published in 2006 by Grey House Publishing: Millerton, NY
(1,888 pages, ISBN 1-59237-139-6).

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