This scholarly history of the International Olympics and modern Olympic games will be an outstanding source for scholars interested in the Olympics and all its glory. Oleg A. Milshteyn is particularly qualified as a researcher through his former affiliation in the Moscow Institute of Sport, where he was a professor of sport sociology. Some of his former students there read like a Who’s Who in the rarefied world of Olympic champions.

In preparation for this unique historical tome, Dr. Milsteyn conducted sociological interviews with 500 leading world experts from more than 80 countries regarding the Centenial Anniversary of the International Olympic Movement and Modern Olympic Games. Among those polled were outstanding Olympians; participants in the Games from 1932 in Los Angeles to 1996 in Atlanta, as well as famous coaches, scientists, journalists, IOC members, heads of the ISF, NOCs and other international and national sport bodies; culture, art, religious figures, managers, businessmen, and sponsors involved in the Olympics.

Altogether, 230 audio recorded hours in 12 languages were made. In 1997-’98, all of this unique information was translated, processed and analyzed in the Jubilee Olympiad International Research Project. This work is still ongoing as Dr. Milsteyn is working on a manuscript of a book with the same title. The collected material is so voluminous, that only one tenth has been utilized to date. There are strong indications that, when completed, Milsteyn’s work will be studied intensely by sport scientists, journalists, sport historians, and students.

Dr. Milsteyn would like the opportunity to finish writing his book and translate it into English and/or other languages. To realize this, he is looking for any creative cooperation, including coauthorship.

Individuals or organizations interested in working with Dr. Milsteyn may contact him at:

Dr. Oleg Milshteyn
Proufsoyuznay 144-131
Moscow 117321, Russia
Home phone: (7 095) 429-5790
Office telephone: (7 095) 242-8452
Fax: (7 095) 247-0844
Email: (for Dr. Oleg Milshteyn)

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