Perceived Impact of Short Term Experiential Education Activities: The GolfWeek Amateur Tour Case Study

Authors: Dexter J. Davis, Ed.D. & Timothy J. Newman, Ed.D.

Corresponding Author:
Dexter J. Davis Ed.D.
11O Business Administration Building
University of Tennessee-Martin
Martin, TN, 38237

Dexter Davis is an Associate Professor of Sport Business and Program Coordinator at the University of Tennessee at Martin, where he oversees a robust Experiential Learning program. He is also a non-residential faculty member at the United States Sports Academy

Timothy Newman is Clinical Assistant Professor and Sport Management Program Coordinator at Georgia State University, the author of textbook Social Media in Sport Marketing, and a non-residential faculty member at the United States Sports Academy.

Perceived Impact of Short Term Experiential Education Activities: The Golfweek Amateur Tour Case Study

The “big business” of sport has captured the attention of both students and administrators across the country and around the global, resulting in nearly 230 sport management programs across North America alone. The purpose of this article is to examine one approach to assisting students to create a competitive advantage for themselves in the job market, a short term experiential education activity at the GolfWeek Amateur Tour National Championships. Using a post-event survey, student perceptions of the impact of this event on their professional growth were examined. The results indicate that students felt that this experience had a positive impact on their professional growth and preparedness for a career in the highly competitive sport industry. Future research is needed to determine if short term experiential education activities have an impact on student learning outcomes.
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Update in Attitudes Towards Wage Equality in Gendered Professions

Author: Emily Dane-Staples

Corresponding Author:
Dr. Emily Dane-Staples
3690 East Avenue
Rochester, New York, 14618
Phone: 585-899-3803
Fax: 585-385-7311

Emily Dane-Staples, PhD is an Associate Professor of Sport Studies in the School of Arts & Sciences at St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York 

Update in Attitudes Towards Wage Equality in Gendered Professions

Employment research has asked diverse questions about job satisfaction, gender appropriate work, wage and compensation satisfaction and parity, and advancement. Most existing research has explored gender discrimination in traditional professions such as engineering, law, education, and medicine; notably absent is the billion dollar industry of sport. This research sought to remedy that shortcoming by exploring attitudes towards wage equality across gender for eight different professions, including coaching positions and that of a professional athlete. Survey results found that most respondents were in favor of wage equality across all professions, but the sport professions showed the greatest amount of variation. Differences in attitude were attributed to a respondent’s gender, personal sport participation, and gender majority of the profession they would be entering. Additionally, qualitative responses indicated that revenue/profit factors and outcome-based considerations were influential in making attitude determinations.
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Organizational Expansion within Professional Sports

Author: Joseph Rozier III

Affiliations: United States Sports Academy

Corresponding Author:
Joseph R. Rozier III
Doctoral Student
United States Sports Academy
One Academy Drive
Daphne, Alabama 36526

Joseph Rozier III is currently a student at United States Sports Academy pursuing his doctoral degree in the field of sports management.

Organizational Expansion within Professional Sports

As the popularity of professional sports continues to increase from year to year, commissioners, team owners, and other investors within professional sports leagues are continuously analyzing regional and international community markets to expand the league and his/her overall professional brand. The National Basketball Association (NBA) is currently one of the most recognizable and economically profitable professional sports leagues throughout domestic and international territories. It is due to this success, members of the NBA’s governing body are constantly analyzing the expansion of the NBA into new and former communities, regions and territories. Local and regional community support and the potential for business development opportunities, are essential external components which contribute to the possibility of expansion into a particular region. This paper is intended to review or analyze the positive and negative economic and social influences of the NBA’s potential decision for new expansion or relocation of another professional NBA franchise back into the Seattle, Washington community.
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Advising student-athletes: Understanding job preparation, roles, and challenges of the athletic academic advisor

Authors: Aaron Vaughn, Jimmy Smith

Corresponding Author:
Aaron Vaughn
Gonzaga University
502 E. Boone Ave, AD Box 25
Spokane, WA. 99258

Aaron Vaughn, Graduate Student, Master’s of Arts in Sport and Athletic Administration (MASAA), Gonzaga University

Dr. Jimmy Smith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Sport and Physical education; Gonzaga University,

Advising student-athletes: Understanding job preparation, roles, and challenges of the athletic academic advisor

According to the NCAA, each athletic department must provide its student-athletes with academic support that aids them with the necessary resources to be successful in the classroom. While much of the research in intercollegiate athletics focuses on coaches, student-athletes, and athletic administrators, less is known about Athletic Academic Advisors who provide necessary support to the student-athlete for their success off the fields or courts. This research aimed to contribute to the broad intercollegiate athletic literature related to further understanding Athletic Academic Advisors, and sought to specifically understand their preparedness, job roles, and challenges. A survey was sent to 510 athletic academic advisors; 115 responded, yielding a 22.5% response rate. Results showed important factors on preparedness was the level and focus of their degree, previous experience working with student-athletes, having a written set of job roles, and having been mentored. The relevant challenges faced by this population were student-athletes’ lack of academic desire, NCAA eligibility rules, athletes encountering issues with stress, communication, attendance, and an overwhelming amount of job roles.
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Exposure to Women’s Sports: Changing Attitudes Toward Female Athletes

Authors: Travis Scheadler, Audrey Wagstaff, Ph.D., MJE

Corresponding Authors:
Travis Scheadler
(937) 751-5799
6811 Oakland Rd
Loveland, OH 45140
Wilmington College

Audrey Wagstaff, Ph.D., MJE
(937) 481-2253
1870 Quaker Way
Pyle Box 1221
Wilmington, OH 45177
Wilmington College

Exposure to Women’s Sports: Changing Attitudes Toward Female Athletes

Many sports fans argue that women’s sports are boring compared to men’s sports. Simultaneously, women’s sports, compared to men’s sports, are rarely broadcasted in the media. Therefore, could the media be making sports fans believe that women’s sports are less desirable by giving them less coverage? Using the Agenda-Setting Theory, Framing Theory, and Mere Exposure Effect, an intervention was developed to promote women’s sports to sports fans. Half of the participants received watched highlight films of women’s sports each week for 4 weeks. Results indicate that the intervention decreased prejudice towards female athletes after 3 weeks but had no effect on interest towards women’s sports. Future studies should immerse participants into the live action of women’s sports rather than highlight footage.
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