Effect of SNS on Purchasing Intention for Sport Product

Authors: Seok Pyo Hong*(1) & Yong-Chae Rhee(2)
(1) Seok Pyo Hong is a full-time professor at the Kangwon National University, Korea and concentrating on sport consumer behaviors for his research.
(2) Washington State University

*Corresponding Author:
Seok Pyo Hong, Ph.D
Gangwon Daihak-gil 1
Division of Sport Science, Kangwon National University
Chuncheon, Gangwon, Korea

The purpose of this study was to better understand the influence of exchange of information and opinion about sports product on sport consumers’ buying intention. This study also examined the moderating role of sport identification on the relationships among peer communication, perceived usefulness, attitude, and online sport product purchase intention. Two hundred and seventy-nine samples who use social network service regularly and have purchased sport product online were used for this study. A self-administrated questionnaire consisting 34 questions was used based on previous research. Structural equation modeling and multiple group analysis were used to test hypothesis of the study. Results showed that peer communication through Social Network System (SNS) about sport product influenced perceived usefulness of the information from peers which also positively influenced the attitude toward buying sport product based on information from peers. Attitude also positively influenced buying intention for sport product. The level of identification with certain sport in SNS setting was a matter for deciding whether purchasing sport product.

KEYWORDS: SNS, purchase intention, social capital, TAM, sport identification