Understanding Esports from the Perspective of Team Dynamics

Authors: Wanyi Tang

Corresponding Author:
Wanyi Tang
Doctoral Student
United States Sports Academy
One Academy Drive
Daphne, Alabama 36526

Wanyi Tang is a resident doctoral student and teaching assistant at the United States Sports Academy

Understanding Esports from the Perspective of Team Dynamics

This paper provides an overview of the esports industry and outlines recent development in esports research, with a focus on studies concerning impacts of team dynamics on performance. The characteristics of successful esports teams are identified through discussion on the variety of team resources and composition, the conceptualization of team cohesion in different dimensions, and the functions of communication and social support within a high performing team. It is also understood that participation in esports not only requires teamwork and communication skills, but can also serve as an opportunity for players to develop a variety of life and social skills.

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Recognizing ESports as a Sport

Authors: Daniel Kane, Brandon D. Spradley

Affiliations: United States Sports Academy

Corresponding Author:
Daniel Kane
20 Ravenhurst Ave
Staten Island, NY 10310

Daniel Kane is a doctoral student at the United States Sports Academy pursuing his degree in sports management.

The commentary is a theoretical framework that builds on the concept that eSports should be considered a sport. The first part of the paper analyzes the definition of a sport and determines that competitive video games should apply to the meaning. The second part of the paper discusses how eSports should be recognized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). In addition, the application of Title IX is applied to have eSports listed as an emerging sport for women.


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